Fake - it sounds proudy! And this way I'm happy to be fake to the bones!
I'm a member of Association of helping homeless animals in my city for almost 5 years. It's a group of volunteers, who take homeless and betrayed animals from the streets, cure them and find a new home. We don't have an official shelter, so volunteers keep cats and dogs at home or pet hospitals. And this activity plays a really important role in my life. What I want to say - doing a good thing fullfill your life for real, so don't be afraid to help someone, who needs your help! Start with smth small, like share a link, feed a homeless pet, and move on to more.

I truly belive that fashion must not be a result of murder. We used to skip the horrable photos and videos of how animals suffer for fur and leather, for cosmetic test, etc. But closing your eyes will not make it just a bad dream! This is a cruel reality and you are the one who decide "to kill or not to kill" every time you go shopping!

The winter is coming and animal genocide for fur comes along. We are not at the Stone age anymore and have a tons of alternatives for fur - that are cheaper and even warmer. It's a stereotype, that we need to wear fur in winter. Guys, I live in Siberia (with winters up to -45C), don't wear fur and still NOT DEAD.

I want you to check this blog Disruptive Mode and it's project Street Fashion for Animal Rights in collaboration with top fashion bloggers! They are doing a good job, so I personaly will appreciate if you give them "like" on FB -

Back to my outfit. As I said, it's fake to the bones - faux fur coat (that is really cozy and warm), leggings with faux leather inserts, faux leather boots and animal print sweater. In this way I love my wardrobe to be "fauxy", even my eco-leather jc litas:) I will never buy Chanel bag or smth like that, but it doesn't bother me at all. Cruelty is not a criteria of status!
I always say that everything we have we got from the nature. And animal print is a harmless imitation of the beauty of wild nature.


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