Finally the spring is not only on the calendar but outside as well! My first short-sleeves-outfit-outside-shot this year (aside from Dubai outfits)! I wear DIY ripped t-shirt over the basic black one (without it it would look too naked:) 

* It's super easy to do: just take any t-shirt (stretch looks better) and scissors and cut it to ribbons (like after fight with edward scissorhands:). The only limit is your inspiration! 

I wear it with embroidery necklace and denim peplum skirt.Well, peplum is not actually my type, but denim skirt with peplum 'wings' on zippers is definitely in my comfort zone and I really like this shape. 



yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Nice t-shirt! XX

Courtney Hayes said...

I am loving your skirt & heels! I have been a follower of yours via Chictopia for awhile now, and finally committed to following your blog!! Please feel free to check out my blog & follow if interested (no pressure if you don't want to follow!) XO


Rachel Bethke said...

omg i love it so much!! your my fav :)

Andrea said...

love this outfit! awesome shirt!

Girly said...

totallyyyyyy stunnin!!!!! luv the top!!!!! luv ur style, sweety)))))

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