I finally found an elegant dress that totally fits my style – it’s a sheer LBD with embroidered collar. I wear it with studded belt and plum cardigan, leaving collarbones open to create a cut-outs effect.
As you might noticed, I’m not a big fan of bows, and actually this metallic clutch is the only “bow” in my closet, but I think it completes the look and adds some “polish”. In fact, there are one more purse – black vintage clutch. I’ve fallen into the habbit of wearing two bags at the same time lately:)
Have a lovely day!


Boheme.Fille said...

Beautiful look! Really great clutch!

Andrea said...

that clutch is so cute!

Rachel Bethke said...

ummm i adore the idea of two bags at once!!!! and it looks warm all of a sudden!

Rachel Bethke said...

minus the obvious snow ;) u just are hiding cold well :D which is what I mean!

Girly said...

So so lovely dear;););) xoxo sweety)))))))

Sweetmona said...

lovely drees!

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