Caught a cold...Sitting at home in a company of my cats :)
Thank you, Lee Stafford, for these color xtreme hairsprays line! Awesome opportunity for fashionistas to try on whatever haircolor and make your appearance brighter! I just  fall in love with this punk pink color! It is temporary and can be easily removed after washing. By the way, it's not a paid ad or product review, so no links and persuations to buy, hahah. Just sharing my impression))
Inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2012, definitely gonna try on blue hair!

Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2012

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Emma said...

wow alot of accessories ... like it all
and like your hair this way

love Emma

Emma said...

oooh and i hop you get well soon

AnieB said...

I use to dryed my hair, in pink, blue and other colours, also my favourite was the ginger XD
Hugs dear love that picture session, are absolutely awsome, I think im gonna try it too:-)

Fashion Blends said...

hope you are feeling better!!!what a fun post!!! I would love for you to check my new post :)


Her Persona said...

love your hair... and love all the arm candy


Lyosha said...

thanks for sharing your kitty and the collection! get better soon!

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Marta C. (MBPlace) said...

Eva! Sorry for didn't reply before! I really love the pink on your hear, look nice! And I've just fell in love with the first photo, so many bracelets! You have a lovely cat!
Have a nice week xx

PalermoStreetstyle said...

stunning blog. sexy, glam, rock.

Kayleigh said...

wow your hair looks amazing! Best way to wear bracelets is to stack them up! Always so stylish and I love the inspiration too x

Meagan said...

Your hair looks spectacular! Hope you're feeling better soon!
(formerly Spunky Chateau)

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