…someone to save me
I guess every girl has ever dreamed that one day a superhero saves her from all the evil and danger in the world. Me too. If to chose the hottest superhero, for me it would be Batman – a misterious Dark knight.
So you can see here my DIY batman mask bag, loooove it! And Nomination batman necklace (I also have earrings) – a gift from my boyfriend, who is the one real superhero of all my life and protects me every day! So the title of my post isn’t really honest. Cause I don’t need a superhero anymore, I already have and wish everyone to find yours!


Alexandra said...

Funny bag!

xx Alexandra


Fashiable said...

Beautiful look, love the combination with grey!


Alina F. said...

Beautiful!Love the pants and the top!

AVE-MARIA said...

thanks for your lovely comment honey
I love your bag and your shoes <3
I wish you a great week


AVE-MARIA said...

what brand is the bag?


Emma said...

Awesome look I love the shoes!!!

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xo Emma


Arabella said...

lovely photo :)

Anieblu said...

OMG how creativity!!! Love your bag!!!

Amira said...

OMG! Fantastic bag!!!

her persona said...

love your top


tasneem said...

Totally love the entire outfit, you look awesome! followed !


Jenny said...

Omg that bag! that necklace!
you are amazing! I'm a new follower <3

Flara said...

LOVE this outfit!!! These accessories are truly phenomenal!!! you have a very original style and your blog is just great! I'm following now. Hope to stay in touch:) xx

K. Cruz said...

I'd choose Superman, the version from the show Smallville anyway :). You look awesome, love this outfit.


Maria Jernov said...

Love the pants and the bag is awesome!! super cute EvA!

Maria Jernov


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

That bag is so cool! Love it, great DIY!

akiko hiramatsu said...

I love your outfit, looks so great!
Really nice blog!


Kayleigh said...

Hiya, I was wondering if you could help me with my Uni Project.
Ive blogged about it on my blog,its about 'Street Style' and lots of bloggers have sent photo's of there unique style,which ive posted on my blog and linked back to them.
I really love your style and your inspiring blog,it would be great if you'd like to take part. If so...
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The photo's you let me use will help with colours/fabrics and design ideas in my sketchbook and posted on my blog and linked back to you x

If not that's ok,thank you for your time,reading this long comment :D


btw that Batman DIY bag is A-mazing1 Genius

Andrea said...

awesome outfit :)) i love batman :D

Yuliya said...

I love this outfit) very cute)

I'm Just Me said...

love the look cool bag!!
thnx 4 leaving me a comment :)


Cee said...

Your top is gorgeous, but that batman mask handbag really steals the show, it's so unusual and wonderful!

goodbadnfab said...

Your pictures look amazing!

Please check out my blog when you get a chance!
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